CF Scopes
  • Carbon advantage

    Carbon fiber is 10x stronger than steel and half the weight of aluminum by volume. This allows us to change everything! The Carbon Advantage gives you more features. 

    Turrets & settings

    The Carbon Advantage gives us more room to design within. Our end goal is give you the lightest / strongest scopes without sacrificing your needs.

    Eye relief & power

    Better eye relief than the rest gives you a quicker response time. Whether it's  tactical or competition, every second counts.  

    Materials and resin

    Carbon fiber alone is only half of the equation. We've formulated several materials, resins and fiber orientation to give you a product that won't disappoint. Body is made 100% of our materials and is not wrapped aluminum.

    Thermal dynamics

    We need much more space to talk about this subject. Our tubes stay cool to the touch in high temperatures. If you want the most stable materials for our unpredictable weather, then this is your scope! Let's keep target in focus no matter the conditions. We're excited to bring you the worlds first carbon fiber scopes!


    If you make the best scope, then you have the best warranty already!

    We have a 100% no BS warranty.

    We believe in our products and back it up!